Rachel SmallI get really excited about words. Yep, I’ve been a word nerd since the day my parents first corrected my grammar—I was three years old.

Whether you’re a veteran author or an emerging writer, a business owner or a blogger, I can help you express yourself clearly and powerfully on the page. As an editor, I’m here to help your voice shine. I work closely with my clients to gain an understanding of their vision for their writing, and to help them deliver words and stories that pack a punch, words and stories that move and inspire.

I have varied and extensive experience editing both fiction and non-fiction material, including adult and YA fiction, inspirational stories, travel stories, autobiographies and memoirs, corporate documents, and website content. I’m a member of the Calgary Association of Freelance Editors.

When I’m not editing, I’m either reading (yes, believe it), doing yoga, travelling near and far, drinking coffee, or blogging at Small Talk.